Wireless headphones for kids Buddyphones Play Ears Plus panda (White)

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BuddyPhones Play Ears Plus panda wireless headphones for kids (white)

BuddyPhones Play Ears Plus will be a great choice for kids’ first headphones, as they protect the little ones’ hearing with 3 different modes. The unique design and customizability will appeal to all animal lovers.

Headphones for everyone

Remote lessons are very hard for your child? Thanks to BuddyPhones headphones this can change. They are equipped with a learning mode that allows you to isolate your voice from other sounds. This makes it clearer and cleaner, and the child can easily focus on it. In addition, BuddyPhones are ideal for gatherings with friends. They have the ability to connect two models together, making it possible to listen to the same thing at the same time. Watching movies together is thus even more enjoyable.

Comfort of use

The headphones are wireless, so your child can watch videos or listen to music in a convenient position. Moreover, they have a foldable design, making them compact. In addition, a convenient case is also included, which makes transporting and storing the gadget even easier.

Uninterrupted operation

The battery life of BuddyPhones headphones is as long as 24 hours, making their operation uninterrupted. What’s more, they will work even at a distance of 20 meters. You can forget about the problem of a discharged battery, as this gadget has the ability to be connected via a cable as well.

Unique design

The look of BuddyPhones headphones will appeal to any animal lover. This model is equipped with flexible and durable polar bear ears. In addition, your child can personalize the headphones with the included stickers.


The ears of even the youngest will be adequately protected with BuddyPhones headphones, as they have the ability to adjust the volume of sounds in up to 3 different modes. They can be freely switched depending on the environment or the child’s age. Travel mode will allow sounds up to a maximum of 94 dB, baby mode up to a maximum of 85 dB, while toddler mode up to max. 75 dB. They will be suitable for even the most sensitive children, as anti-allergenic ear pads are also included.


  • BuddyPhones headphones
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Soft travel bag
Producer BuddyPhones
Color White
Range Up to 20 meters
Playback time Up to 24 hours
Frequency 20-24kHz
Plugs USB-C, 3,5 mm

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