USB-kábel a Lightning Baseus Crystal, 2.4A, 1.2m (Fekete)

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USB Cable for Lightning Baseus Crystal, 2.4A, 1.2m (Black)

The 120 cm cable is very durable and comfortable to use. It has a USB-A and 8p plug. It allows you to load and transfer data at the same time. It is resistant to breaking and bending. For the production of the device, 4 strands of galvanized copper and a special cover were used. The product supports the Lightning port. The power of the cable is 2.4 A.

Quality and Durability

New technologies were used in the production of the cable. It is the use of 4 strands of galvanized copper, which allow to reduce the charging loss. In addition, their construction makes the cable durable. The durability of the product is also due to the use of a special cover that prevents quick wear. The resistance to bending and breaking the cable is achieved by the special design of the plug.


The device is compatible with the Lightning port. It has a USB-A and 8p plug. The built-in chip adjusts the current while charging the equipment, which increases battery safety and charging efficiency. The cable has a power of up to 2.4 A.

Loading and uploading data simultaneously

The cable allows simultaneous charging and data transfer. To do this, simply plug the cable into the device. This saves time and makes the use more convenient.

Brand Baseus
Model CAJY000001
Type USB to Lightning
Material Alumnium alloy + braided-fabric
Current 2.4A
Transmission speed 480Mbps
Length 1.2m
Color Black

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