USB-C kábel a Lightning Baseus Tungsten Gold-hoz, 20 W, 5 A, PD, 2 m (fekete)

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Fast charging

Tungsten Gold Fast Charging Data Cable is an iPhone and iPad cable supporting the Power Delivery fast charging system up to 20W and compatible with PD18W chargers. The cable also provides a fast data transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps, so it allows both a fast battery charge and equally fast data transfer.




Voltage control

The cable is equipped with an innovative chip that detects which device is connected to it. If your phone or tablet does not have a fast charging system, a lower voltage will be applied, so charging will be safe. Intelligent device detection allows for quick but also safe use of the cable, regardless of the Apple product model you have.




Strong and durable

The cable is extremely durable, thanks to the use of high quality materials and modern solutions. The core consists of five copper bands, which ensure fast data transmission. On the outside, the cable is protected by an extremely durable nylon fiber, which prevents not only damage, but also entanglement. The end of the cable is made of durable zinc alloy, thanks to which it does not get discolored or rusted, and at the same time provides an exceptionally stylish look.




Brand Baseus
Name Tungsten Gold Fast Charging Data Cable
Model CATLWJ-A01
Material Nylon + zinc alloy
Color Black
Length 2m
Connectors USB-C, Lightning
Transmission speed 480MB/s




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