„UGREEN HD103 HDMI – HDMI kábel (90 fok) 4K, 1m (fekete) „

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UGREEN HD103 90° HDMI angle cable

UGREEN HDMI angle cable is designed for wall-mounted TVs. With its help you can connect among others your console, DVD or laptop. The product supports resolution of up to 4Kx2K which ensures excellent picture quality. A copper wire is responsible for its reliable operation.

With your comfort in mind

If your TV is mounted on the wall, you surely know that connecting additional devices to it can sometimes be difficult. The UGREEN angle cable will help you solve similar problems! The 90° angled connector does not protrude and does not take up too much space. Thanks to this you can easily connect your XBOX or PlayStation to your TV and play your favourite games in comfort.

Stable transmission, durability and resistance to interference

What makes the UGREEN HD103 cable able to provide reliable signal transmission? The product is equipped with a high-quality conductor made of copper. 3-layer shielding is responsible for the elimination of EMI and RF interference, so you can enjoy a stable connection in almost any situation. The PVC jacket protects the cable from damage and guarantees its unparalleled durability.

Feel like you’re in a movie theater

With UGREEN you can create a cinema in your own home. The HD103 HDMI cable supports resolutions up to 4Kx2K, as well as audio return channel and ethernet. All of this ensures that it provides excellent picture and sound quality. Sit back in your comfortable chair, turn on your favorite movie and enjoy it all over again!

Display image in 2 ways

The cable supports 2 display modes. Using it, you can, for example, duplicate the image from your laptop on your TV. This is perfect if you plan to watch a movie or TV series. There is also an extended mode. Using it, you can show a presentation to an audience on one screen and open your notes on the other.

Universal compatibility

Are you looking for a universal HDMI cable that works perfectly with your devices? You’ve just found it! The UGREEN HD103 is compatible with most laptops, projectors, TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, smart boxes and consoles. Now you can comfortably play games, watch movies and display presentations on the big screen!

Model HD103
Angle 90°
Resolution 1920×1080, 4Kx2K (max)
Length 1m
Connector 24K gold-plated
Wire Tinned oxygen-free copper

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