UGREEN CM264 TF / SD memóriakártya-olvasó, USB 3.0 (fekete)

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The UGREEN CM264 SD and TF card reader is designed for the highest possible data transfer speed, functionality and compact size. It allows you to both read and save files, and thanks to its wide compatibility provides exceptional freedom of operation. It supports a capacity of up to 512 GB, allowing you to conveniently copy thousands of photos, videos or documents.

Compact Size

Its compact size and light weight means that you can take it with you whenever you want and wherever you want. To make it easier to carry, it is equipped with a practical lanyard. It can also be used as a practical key ring. You can also attach the reader to your bag or backpack and have it comfortably and safely with you.

Safe and Fast

Thanks to the applied functions, the device is known for its safe cooperation with any equipment and extremely fast data transfer. Using the reader, you can transfer your files between the memory card and your computer or laptop up to 480 Mbps. Forget about the endless waiting for documents, pictures or movies to be copied – with UGREEN it will only take a moment.

Wide compatibility

The reader supports many different types of SD and TF cards. It is also compatible with various devices. You can easily connect it to your Windows, Linux or MacOS computer or laptop. All this makes the UGREEN CM264 reader suitable for many applications and gives you almost unlimited freedom.

Name USB 3.0 Card Reader For TF/SD
Model CM264
Colour Black

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