Superfire GT-R2 kerékpár első lámpa, 450lm, USB

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Supfire GT-R2 Bike Flashlight

Supfire GT-R2 is a small bicycle flashlight, which will work in many scenarios and will help you to increase the safety of your ride. Working time of 3.5-7 hours makes you successfully use it even during a long trip. 2 bright reflectors and an additional red emergency light allow you to use it effectively in almost any situation.

2 spotlights – optimal illumination

The higher reflector provides high brightness and an impressive light range. So you will still enjoy optimum illumination, whether you are riding your bike on a cloudy day or coming back from a cycling trip after dark. On the other hand, the headlight located below has been designed in such a way that the light emitted by it does not dazzle, which allows you to significantly increase the safety of riding. Both bulbs can be switched on simultaneously.

Additional warning light

It is also possible to turn on the red light on the side of the GT-R2. This will ideally serve as a warning light. This is an extremely practical tool that will allow you to effectively increase your safety on the road. Use this handy red light when you need to stop at the side of the road, for example, to repair your bike or wait for help, so that you are clearly visible even from a distance.

It is also a practical powerbank

You can charge the 1200mAh battery via the micro USB port. One charge provides from 3.5 to even 7 hours of light operation. If necessary, you can also use the device as an emergency powerbank – you no longer have to worry about your smartphone running out of power, cutting off contact with family and friends, or in case of an accident, the emergency services. What’s more, the GT-R2 has a luminous 4-level battery status indicator – so you’ll always know when it’s time to recharge.

Illuminates your way even in the rain

The light is waterproof, so it’s reliable no matter what the weather is like. It will serve you well on a clear evening as well as in the rain. You no longer need to panic and dismantle the equipment when you see drops of water falling from the sky. With Supfire GT-R2, you won’t waste any time – you’ll get home quickly and safely and shelter from the downpour.

Easy operation, quick installation

Using the light does not cause even the smallest problems. Its simple operation is possible thanks to green backlit button. An elastic rubber strap allows for quick, convenient, and secure mounting of GT-R2. With this strap, you can securely attach the light to your bike in just a few moments.


  • Light
  • USB cable
Manufacturer Superfire
Model GT-R2
Light source JINGRUI XK*2
Power rating 7W*2
Operation time 3.5 -7 hours
Number of lumens 450
Drop Resistance up to 1m
Dimensions 65 x 39 x 23 mm
Weight 84g
Waterproofness IPX5
Lighting range 70 m
Charging port micro USB
Battery capacity 1200 mAh
Material aluminum
Charging time 4h

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