Soundpeats A6 fülhallgató, ANC (black)

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Soundpeats A6 Wireless Headphones

Get away from the noise and enjoy the beauty of music. The Soundpeats A6 wireless headphones offer hybrid ANC noise cancellation and deliver superior sound quality thanks to 40-millimeter drivers. Bluetooth 5.2 ensures a reliable connection and the long-lasting battery lets you listen to your tunes for up to 38 hours on a single charge. The headphones are also extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Hybrid noise cancellation

Tired of annoying noise? Now you can cut yourself off from it! The headphones use hybrid ANC noise cancellation technology to effectively reduce up to 90% of unwanted noise (up to 30dB). That means they’re ideal for even the noisiest environments, like a crowded bus or the supermarket. With the A6, you can forget about the noise and focus on the beauty of the music you’re playing.

High sound quality

Experience how great your favorite songs can sound. The A6 headphones have built-in 40mm dynamic drivers that deliver Hi-Fi quality stereo sound. Deep, powerful bass, crystal clear sound, perfect harmony and rich detail all let you rediscover the songs you love!

Created for your convenience

No more worrying about discomfort or fatigue when listening to your favorite songs. The Soundpeats A6 headphones are ultra-light, weighing just 290g. The adjustable headband lets you customize it to your needs. The soft ear cups are made with memory foam that fits snugly around your ears without feeling uncomfortable. The headphones also feature a foldable design for easy storage and transport.

Fast charging

Listen to your favorite playlists for as long as you want – at home, at work or while traveling. With a long-lasting battery, fully charged headphones can play music for up to 38 hours (when ANC mode is off). You charge them using the included USB-C cable. It only takes about 5 minutes of charging to get the A6 to serve you for another 4 hours, and 45 minutes to bring them back to full power.

2 connectivity options

Connect your headphones the way you want. The A6 supports fast and reliable Bluetooth 5.2 for stable audio transmission. If you love the freedom of wireless, this is the perfect option for you! You can also use the headphones wired and do not worry about the battery level. You’ll find a handy AUX cable in the box so you can conveniently connect the A6 to the device of your choice.

In the box

  • Headphones
  • Charging cable (USB-C)
  • AUX cable
  • Case
  • User Manual
Brand Soundpeats
Model A6
Bluetooth version 5.2 (supports Bluetooth 5.0)
Driver 40mm
Battery capacity 500mAh
Charging port USB-C
Charging time About 45 minutes
Playback time Up to 38h (ANC off) / 28h (ANC on)
Weight 290g
Color Black


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