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Sonoff PIR3-RF motion detector

Take care of the security in your home. The Sonoff PIR3-RF detects motion at an angle of 100° at a distance of up to 8m and supports 2 modes of operation. Allows you to create intelligent scenes using other devices such as a camera or lighting. It works with an RF bridge (not included).

In the interest of safety

When the sensor detects motion, it will send you the appropriate information to your phone. You can also check the notification history. The device supports 2 modes of operation. In Alert mode, it activates every 5 seconds if someone is within its range. In Normal mode it can activate every 60 seconds.

Create smart scenes

The sensor works with other smart devices that you can buy separately. Using it, you can, for example, make the lights turn on automatically when motion is detected. You can also pair it with a camera. The product is compatible with IFTTT.

Easy installation

Mounting the sensor will not cause you any problem. The 3M adhesive tape makes it simple to stick it to a flat surface of your choice, such as a wall. You can also mount it using a screw with a universal joint (not included), so you can rotate it 360° or tilt it 90°.

Brand Sonoff
Model PIR3-RF
RF 433MHz
Detection range Up to 8m (inside buildings)
Working humidity 10-90% RH (no condensation)
Working temperature -10-40°C
Detection angle 100°
Material PC
Power supply 3V CR2450 battery (not included)

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