Seago XFU Sonic toothbrush SG-2007 (red)

5,100 Ft


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Seago XFU SG-2007 sonic toothbrush (red)

The sonic toothbrush operates at a frequency of max. 24,000 rpm and uses Dupont bristles to effectively remove debris. It allows you to choose between 2 modes and has a built-in timer. In turn, a AAA battery is responsible for its power supply. The kit also includes 2 spare tips.


Clean and healthy teeth

The Seago SG-2007 sonic toothbrush generates vibrations at a frequency of max. 24,000 rpm, effectively eliminating food debris. Moreover, the Dupont bristles are distinguished by their high density, reaching hard-to-reach places. In turn, the round end of the bristles protects gums and teeth from damage.


2 modes of operation

The toothbrush allows you to choose between 2 modes of operation, so you can adjust its performance to your needs. In Sensitive mode, the Seago SG-2007 operates at 18,000 rpm so it will be suitable for sensitive teeth. On the other hand, the Standard mode (24,000 rpm) will work well for everyday use. In addition, the toothbrush will remember the last used mode.


Built-in timer

Worried about brushing your teeth too short or too long? Seago SG-2007 will solve this problem. The sonic toothbrush is equipped with a smart timer that keeps an eye on the cleaning time for you. Every 30 seconds it will remind you to change the brushed area, and after 2 minutes it will turn off automatically. As a result, you are assured that your teeth are clean.



  • sonic toothbrush
  • spare tip x2
Manufacturer Seago
Model SG-2007
Color red
Frequency 18, 0000 (Sensitive mode), 24,000 (Standard mode)
Material ABS, TPE, PP, Nylon
Dimensions 18.3 x 18.3 x 203.6 mm
Input voltage 1.5V
Input power 0.26 W
Power supply x1 AAA

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