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Havit F2072 laptop cooling pad

Does your laptop often get hot? Take care of its proper cooling! The Havit F2072 laptop stand is equipped with 2 large fans that will help you keep your device at the right temperature. Colorful LED backlighting gives the product a unique, gaming character. The 7-stage tilt angle adjustment allows you to adjust the accessory to different needs. The stand is compatible with laptops up to 17”.

2 powerful fans

What makes the F2072 provide such excellent cooling? The 2 12cm fans operate at 1000-1200 revolutions per minute and ensure even airflow. This allows the stand to effectively dissipate heat and protect your laptop from overheating.

Wide compatibility

The product is designed to support as many laptop models as possible on the market. It is compatible with devices with a diagonal of 9” to 17”. So it will provide effective cooling for both small and bigger equipment. No matter what kind of laptop you are using – Havit will allow you to effectively prevent it from overheating.

Tailor it to your needs

The stand will meet even the most diverse expectations of its users. It has a 7-position angle adjustment, so you can easily adjust it to your habits. Do you often use your laptop in bed? Or do you prefer to just sit at your desk? The Havit cooling stand can easily be positioned so that you are always comfortable.

Perfectly thought-out design

The device is both functional and stylish. Colorful fan backlighting is eye-catching and gives the stand a gaming character. The product was made of ABS plastic, which ensures its strength and resistance to damage. The mesh on the main panel not only looks great, but also increases cooling efficiency, allowing for better heat dissipation.

Brand Havit
Model F2072
Backlighting LED
Dimensions 410x288x33mm
Color Black
Number of fans 2
Dimensions of fans 120x120x20mm
Wind speed 1000-1200RPM
Voltage and current 5V, ?1000mA
Noise level 17-22dBA
Compatibility Laptops 9-17”
Tilt angle 6.5-45°
Interface USB 1.1*2
Cable Data cable 60cm
Material ABS

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