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Dreame P10 soft roller brush

The Dreame P10 soft roller brush is perfect for a variety of surfaces from laminate and tile to carpet. It perfectly eliminates dirt such as dust, hair, fur and small crumbs. Its design will not scratch the floors – vacuum your home without worrying about accidental damage.

Perfectly tackles any dirt

The brush rotates extremely fast while creating a powerful airflow. Compact thread structure with smooth rotation helps generate spiral airflow for better dust suction. It cleans large areas perfectly and captures even small dust particles. When you are done cleaning, you can easily disassemble it and wash it under running water to keep the product in better condition for longer.

Gentle on floors

The soft roller brush combines soft and hard fibres. The special 0.05 mm nylon yarn has a soft and gentle texture that protects the floor from scratching. The charge generated by friction is also reduced, thanks to the 0.1 mm conductive fibre – thus preventing the build-up of static charges.


  • x1 Soft roller brush
Manufacturer Dreame
Name Dreame soft roller brush
Model APB01
Compatibility P10
Color Light grey + dark grey
Dimensions 22.72 x 4.76 cm
Weight approximately 123 g

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