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Feeds your pet around the clock!

Petwant F6 LED is an automatic food feeder for your four-legged friend. You can put any type of meal in the 180 ml bowls and the robot will set itself to the right type of food depending on the time you set.

Remote feeding

Program your pet’s meals on the LCD display, fill the bowls with food and prepare your pet for fresh food. Through the resealable lid, the food in the feeder will not dry out or weather, making it unnecessary to throw away.

Permanently powered

With two ways of powering the F6 LED, the device will not stop suddenly while serving a meal. It can be permanently plugged in via a USB cable, as well as drawing on battery power.

  • Automatic dispenser base
  • .

  • Food tray
  • .

  • Top cover
  • .

  • Micro USB cable 1.5m
  • .

Name: Intelligent PetWant F6 6-chamber food dispenser
Net weight: 1kg
Material: ABS
Dimensions: 320mm x 320mm x 83mm
Power supply Micro USB 5V 1A/3C
Capacity: 180ml x 6
Sys. Time display system: 24h 24h

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