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Petkit Cooling Cat Pad

Provide your pet with a nice cool down on a hot summer day. The Cooling Cat Pad by Petkit provides quick heat dissipation, and thanks to its construction with excellent quality materials, it is extremely durable and resistant to damage. You can also clean it if necessary. The product is suitable for many applications – you can also successfully use it as a laptop pad.

Something to cool off

The heat can be unbearable not only for us. Cats like it warm, but excessive temperatures bother them too. Petkit will help you to provide ideal conditions for your pet! The cooling mat consists of several layers and contains polymer gel, so it can keep the temperature relatively low and guarantees quick and efficient heat dissipation. As soon as your pet lies down on it, he will feel a pleasant chill!

Impressive durability

Does your cat happen to destroy objects? No worries! The Cooling Cat Pad is made of high quality materials, which ensure its exceptional durability and resistance to damage. Your cat’s teeth and claws won’t be a threat to it! It is also extremely pleasant to the touch – your pet can comfortably lie down on it and enjoy pleasant cooling in hot weather.

Many uses

The mat is so small and portable that you can use it in many applications. If you want, place it on the floor or on a chair. It’s also designed to fit perfectly on top of the Pura X smart litter box for your pet to lie on. That’s not all! The Cooling Cat Pad will also work well as a laptop pad.

Easy to maintain

Maintaining the mat in perfect condition won’t even give you a problem. Your cat got it dirty? Don’t worry about anything! If necessary, you can easily clean it. Just wipe it with a cloth or wash it with warm soapy water. Don’t need the mat for a while? Just fold it up and store it in the desired place – just make sure it is dry first.

In the box

  • Cooling pad
  • Stickers x4
Brand Petkit
Name PETKIT Cooling Mat
Weight 1000g
Dimensions 44.5×44.5x1cm
Material Composite PVC, filling layer gel
Suitable for Cats, small and medium-sized dogs

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