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Eversweet 3 intelligent fountain

Constant access to fresh water is extremely important for the health of any pet. That’s why PetKit’s smart 1.35L waterer is perfect for the houses of cat and dog owners. It offers 2 modes, and thanks to the built-in LED indicators its operation becomes even simpler. 3-stage filtration system effectively purifies water and its constant circulation and flow attract pets’ attention and encourage them to drink. Eversweet 3 drinker is also extremely quiet – thanks to its unique design its noise level does not exceed 30 dB.

Perfectly purified water for your pet

With PetKit you will ensure that your pets have access to perfectly purified water. This is made possible by the 3-stage filtration. A special mesh traps hair, and activated carbon eliminates odors and unpleasant aftertaste. Ion exchange resin filters out heavy metals. All this means that your pet can drink fresh, clean and safe water at any time of day or night.

Choose the right mode for you

The drinker can work in 2 modes – normal and smart. In the first one, it simply provides your pet with uninterrupted access to purified water. The second mode is energy saving and makes Eversweet 3 activate every 3 minutes. You decide how the device will operate.

Never forget to refill the water again

Eversweet 3 also has integrated LED indicators that will provide you with key information. They will remind you when it is time to refill the water or change the filter. No longer do you have to worry about forgetting about it! PetKit will think of everything for you. With just one glance, you will know if any action is required.

Fantastically crafted

The device is made from BPA-free tritanium and stainless steel. So it is not only durable, but also safe for animals. But this is not the end of the watering fountain advantages! It is easy to keep it clean thanks to its modular design. If you clean Eversweet 3 regularly, you will prolong its life and take even better care of your pet’s health.

Fresh, clean water in every situation

An additional advantage of the watering can is the implemented xSecure system, which enables its emergency power supply with 5 AAA batteries (batteries are not included, however, and must be purchased separately). This way, even if there is a sudden power outage, your pet will still have access to fresh, perfectly purified water.

Brand PetKit
Dimensions 195x195x155mm
Capacity 1.35L
Material Tritan + stainless steel
Voltage 5V
Noise level >30dB
Power cable USB
Emergency power supply Yes, 5 AAA batteries (not included)

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