Orico USB 3.0 4 az 1-ben kártyaolvasó (fekete)

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Orico CRS31A-03-BK-B 4-in-1 Memory Card Reader

Now you can organize and transfer your files even more conveniently. The Orico brand reader can handle up to 4 memory cards at the same time and allows for lightning-fast data transfer at speeds up to 5Gbps. The Plug&Play system makes it extremely easy to use. The device is also lightweight, portable, and compatible with most popular hardware, making it great for many applications.

More space for your files

Are you running out of space for your photos or videos? With Orico you can say goodbye to similar problems! The reader supports memory cards with a maximum capacity of 2TB. This is enough to store even 500 000 photos, 50 000 songs or 1500 DVD movies. You no longer have to worry about running out of space for your most important files!

Send data in a flash

Tired of waiting endlessly for your files to be uploaded? Now it’s a thing of the past! The Orico brand reader is equipped with an advanced high performance chip and USB3.0 interface, allowing data transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. It is also backwards compatible with USB2.0.

Fast read of up to 4 memory cards simultaneously

Goodbye limits. No more waiting for files from one card to be copied before using another. The Orico branded reader can handle up to 4 storage media simultaneously! The device is compatible with cards of different speeds and provides optimal, reliable performance in almost any situation.


Don’t waste time with complicated device configuration and driver downloads. The Orico reader supports the Plug&Play system, which means that to take advantage of its functionality, you only need to connect it to your computer! The product also supports hot-swapping, which will make your work even easier.

Wide compatibility

No matter what equipment you’re using – the Orico brand reader is sure to come in handy! The device is compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It also supports most types of memory cards such as SD, TF, CF and MS. No drivers need to be installed.

You can always have it on hand

Want to take your reader to work, on vacation or on a business trip? No problem! The device is incredibly lightweight and portable. Its compact size means it won’t take up too much space in your backpack or handbag. It also comes with a suitable cable, so you don’t have to pack extra cables.

Many uses

The Orico branded memory card reader will work well for many applications. Are you a professional photographer? Be sure that you will not run out of space for your photos! Do you use a lot of documents at work? The reader will help you organize them. The device is also useful for traveling – it will let you conveniently save photos and videos.

Brand Orico
Model CRS31A-03-BK-B
Material PC + ABS
Cable length 30cm
Chip RTS5301
Speed Up to 5Gbps (theoretical speed)
Supported capacity Up to 2TB
Supported cards TF, SD, CF, MS
Dimensions 65.5×65.5×15.9mm

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