Orico telefontartó, összecsukható (fekete)

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Orico PH2-BK-BP Foldable Phone Stand

Free your hands and comfortably watch your favorite movies and series. The Orico stand allows you to place your smartphone or tablet in a stable position, and thanks to the 360° adjustment you can easily adjust it to your needs. Lightweight and portable, it can accompany you almost anywhere. It is also distinguished by high durability and resistance to damage.

Comfortably watch your favorite movies

No longer do you have to hold your phone in your hands the whole time or bend over when you’re watching a movie. Just place your device on the Orico stand! You can adjust the cradle up to 360° – so you can easily adapt it to your needs. Watch movies at the optimal angle and forget about neck pain!

You can always have it with you

This practical stand can accompany you almost anywhere. Lightweight and compact – you can easily fit it in your backpack or handbag. Its improved, foldable design makes it easy to store and transport. When folded, the stand becomes almost completely flat, so it takes up even less space.

Created for your devices

Want to watch another episode of a TV series on your tablet? Or maybe you prefer to watch a movie on YouTube on your phone? The Orico stand will prove useful in these and many other situations! The Orico stand is suitable for most models of tablets and smartphones on the market – it will surely serve your devices as well.

Extremely stable

The stand is designed to give your smartphone or tablet the stability it needs. The silicone, non-slip pads make sure it won’t slide around on the surface of your desk or table. They also secure where you need to place your device.

Impressive durability

The product is not only functional, but also extremely durable. It will serve you perfectly for many years. It was made of excellent quality, durable materials that provide it with resistance to damage and wear. The stand looks really great and impresses with its modern, minimalist design.

Brand Orico
Model PH2-BK-BP
Material ABS + silicone
Color Black
Dimensions 100x105x40mm
Compatibility Smartphones and tablets

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