Orico Hub adapter 6 az 1-ben HDMI 4K + 3x USB 3.0 + RJ45 + USB-C PD 100W

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Orico MC-U602P 6-in-1 Hub

Want more ports on your computer or laptop? The 6-in-1 hub by Orico will surely meet your needs! It is equipped with as many as 6 ports such as HDMI, RJ45, USB-C and 3 USB3.0. It supports fast PD 100W charging and allows you to transfer files at speeds of up to 5Gbps. It also supports 4K video display. It also stands out for its wide compatibility.

Fast charging for your devices

No longer do you have to worry that your laptop will fail when you least expect it! The Orico Multi-Functional Hub is equipped with a USB-C port that supports PD3.0 fast charging, allowing you to power selected devices with up to 100W of power.

Excellent 4K image quality

Now in your own room you can feel like you are in a cinema hall. The HDMI port of the product allows you to send 4K 30Hz video to your TV, so you can easily watch the next episode of the series on the big screen. Crystal clear images and incredible richness of details will make you rediscover your favorite movies.

Unhindered use of the Internet

Enjoy a stable connection when you watch online videos, play online games or read your favorite blogs. The Orico brand hub offers a Gigabit Ethernet port for reliable data transmission. No longer do you have to worry that unexpected delays will prevent you from claiming victory in your next game!

Fast file transfer

Are you often transferring files between devices? The Orico hub will help you do just that! The device has 3 built-in USB3.0 ports that support transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps and are compatible with a wide variety of hardware. Now you can transfer all the files you need in no time!

Extend the capabilities of your phone

Need to display your phone’s video on a bigger screen? No problem! The hub allows you to connect your Huawei Mate 40/P40 smartphone to a TV or display – this way you can greatly facilitate your work or entertainment. The device also supports OTG function.

Lightweight, portable, reliable

The Orico Hub is so light and compact that it can accompany you almost anywhere. You can easily fit it in your backpack or handbag and take it to work or on a business trip. It is also compatible with most devices equipped with USB-C ports – you can successfully connect it to your laptop or Android smartphone.

Brand Orico
Model MC-U602P-GY-BP
Output interfaces HDMI, 3x USB3.0, RJ45, USB-C
Resolution (HDMI) 4K / 30Hz
Chip VL815
Output power 100W
Input interface USB3.0 USB-C
Material Aluminium alloy
Dimensions 103×45.5x15mm
Color Grey

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