Motospeed K24 Mechanikus numerikus billentyűzet

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Motospeed K24 Numeric Keyboard

The Motospeed K24 numeric keypad is a convenient and reliable working tool that can make your life easier. The colorful backlighting gives it a unique character, while the high mechanical keys are easy on the fingers and provide an exceptional responsiveness. Easy to use and durable, it has the potential to become a fantastic addition to your desk.

Unique Design

The K24 keyboard features an interesting backlighting that is especially noticeable when you work or play at night and gives it a unique look. It is available in 14 different interesting modes that not only make it easy to use in the dark, but also look great.

Superior performance and durability

The high keys are equipped with a mechanical switch, providing not only exceptional comfort of use, but also surprising durability of the device. Thanks to the ARM COTEX-M0 microchip you can count on the highest quality standard. All this makes this small keyboard impresses with its performance and functionality.

Manufacturer Motospeed
Model K24
Type Mechanical
Color Black
Connection Wired
Interface USB
Key life 50 000 000 times
Number of keys 21
Illumination RGB
Operating voltage DC 5V
Operating current 300 mA
Material ABS, aluminum alloy
Weight 249 g
Dimensions 132x86x42 mm
Compatibility Windows XP/7/8/10
Switches OUTEMU Blue
Other anti-ghosting function, 14 backlight modes, customizable backlight modes, 8 backlight color variations, 11 function keys

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