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10,300 Ft


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ANLAN blackhead remover

You don’t have to spend money on beauty treatments anymore. Anlan blackhead vacuum will be effective in the fight against acne, remove blackheads, reduce sebum secretion, reduce the appearance of fine lines, etc. It will be perfect for dry, normal and oily skin. It will also find its use in case of sensitive skin. You will also find 5 attachments in the set, which you can use depending on your needs.

For various skin problems

The device by Anlan eliminates blackheads, reduces visibility of wrinkles and sebum secretion, it will also remove dead skin. It is also useful in the fight against acne. It leaves the skin tight, resilient and radiant.

5 attachments included

Depending on your skin type and area, you can choose between 5 heads, which you will find in the set. The large and medium heads can be used to remove blackheads and reduce sebum in the T-zone. The smaller head has less suction power and is suitable for sensitive skin. You can also use it around the eyes, mouth and wings of the nose. The silicone tip with low suction power is suitable for sensitive skin. The oval head, on the other hand, works with low suction power. It is designed for mouth area, nose area, neck area, etc.

Beneficial effects of light

Anlan vacuum cleaner uses red light with a wavelength of 620 nm, which will help stimulate cells. It stimulates collagen production, increasing skin elasticity. It tightens pores, brightens the complexion and gives it a youthful appearance. On the other hand, blue light (wavelength: 450 nm) effectively eliminates bacteria, which contributes to the treatment of acne. It will also help remove scars.

Convenient access to the most important information

The device has been equipped with a display that will provide you with information on its operation. With just a glance, you can check the battery level, suction level or operation mode (red/blue light).

Easy to use

Using the device is no problem. You can turn the Anlan vacuum cleaner on/off with the power button. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off – after 15 minutes of non-use, the power will switch off automatically. This will save energy and reduce the frequency of charging the X12. A dedicated button allows you to switch between red and blue light modes, and the USB port makes charging easy.

5 steps to a clear and radiant complexion

Wash your face as you normally would, then open your pores with a facial sauna or warm towel (3-5 min). Place the appropriate head on the device and set the suction power (it is recommended to start from the lowest level). Move the device up/down or side to side, leaving it in one place for max. 3 seconds. Wash your face and start the treatment with the red or blue light. Finally, apply a mask or moisturizer to your face.


  • blackhead extractor
  • USB charging cable
  • tips x5
  • filter set
Brand Anlan
Model X12
Color green
Material ABS
Weight approx. 152 g
Dimensions approx. 165 x 88.5 x 40.5 mm
Input voltage 5V/1A
Battery capacity 500 mAh
Charging time approx. 2 h
Charging port USB
Autoshutdown after 15 min of non-use
LED light red, blue
Number of suction levels 5

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