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Jimmy JV53 cordless vacuum cleaner

Jimmy JV53 is an easy to use, ergonomic cordless vacuum cleaner with 125AW suction power for exceptional efficiency. With the included extra brushes, you’ll thoroughly clean your entire home, and the state-of-the-art filtration system will help you win the battle against allergens. The device works for up to 45 minutes on a single charge – so you can easily vacuum the entire house. The Jimmy brand is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Surprise you with performance

The brushless motor running at 100,000 revolutions per minute guarantees the high performance of the device. What’s more, the patented cyclonic technology contributes to increasing the suction power and prevents the vacuum cleaner from clogging. All this ensures that even the most stubborn dirt cannot resist the JV53. The device instantly sucks up dust, crumbs or hair.

It will thoroughly vacuum the floors in your home

The vacuum cleaner’s floor brush is designed to reduce the risk of hair entanglement. Its 55mm diameter roller has both soft and hard bristles – so it is suitable for cleaning both fine dust particles and larger debris and crumbs. The brush works well on a variety of floors from laminate to carpet.

Choose from several interchangeable brushes

This set also comes with other brushes to help you clean. The soft brush gently cleans vulnerable surfaces, and the crevice brush will vacuum the crevices of couches and chairs. Want to get rid of dust and mites from your bed or sofa? Use the electric mattress brush. You’ll also find a 2-in-1 brush in the pack to vacuum furniture surfaces.

Forget about allergens

The HEPA filter absorbs up to 99.97% of dust particles. It is even effective against microscopic particles. Jimmy JV53 can therefore prove to be an indispensable tool for allergy sufferers. Thanks to its effective filtration of dust and other allergens, you will create a friendly, clean and safe environment in your home.

You can vacuum your entire home without interruption

Composed of 6 cells, the 15 000 mAh battery is responsible for the JV53’s long runtime. The device can run for up to 45 minutes on a single charge, which is enough to thoroughly vacuum floors with a total area of 350m2. It is also possible to disconnect the battery and replace it – this extends the life of the vacuum cleaner.

Created for your convenience

The vacuum cleaner weighs only 1.46kg, which combined with its cordless design allows you to clean comfortably. You won’t be limited by the short cord – you can easily take the JV53 wherever you need it. To empty the dust container, just press a button – so you limit your contact with dirt. The device is also ergonomic – the 65° incline relieves your muscles and allows you to vacuum comfortably.


  • Vacuum cleaner x1
  • Metal tube x1
  • Electric floor brush x1
  • Electric mattress brush x1
  • Crevice brush 2in1 x1
  • Brush 2in1 x1
  • Soft brush x1
  • Adapter x1
  • Charging base x1
Manufacturer JIMMY
Model JV53
Rated voltage 21,6 V
Rated power 425 W
Capacity of dust container 0,5 l
Filter HEPA
Battery capacity 15,000 mAh
Charging time Approx. 4-5 h
Max. working time without electric brush 8 min. (max mode)/45 min. (normal mode)
Max. working time with electric brush 7 min. (max mode)/35 min. (normal mode)
Suction power Up to 20,000 Pa
Cleaning power Up to 125 AW (air watts)
Net weight 3,2kg

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