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Jimmy BX7 Pro handheld vacuum cleaner

Get rid of bacteria and allergens. The Jimmy BX7 Pro handheld vacuum cleaner effectively eliminates dust, germs and dust mites using UV light, ultrasound and a high temperature of 60°C. It is equipped with a powerful 700W motor, and thanks to its specially designed brush, it is perfect for vacuuming mattresses, sofas and more. It also allows you to choose from 3 operating modes. In addition, it intelligently detects dust and offers an advanced filtration system.

Say goodbye to allergens

Even seemingly clean beds or sofas can be full of bacteria, pollen and other allergens. For every 1g of dust, there are sometimes about 13270 dust mites! They often become the cause of allergies, skin problems and respiratory diseases – so it’s worth fighting them effectively. With the Jimmy BX7 Pro vacuum cleaner you will not only thoroughly vacuum your bed, bedding, sofa, baby’s crib or armchair, but also get rid of allergens and germs.

3 ways to fight germs and dust mites

The Jimmy BX7 Pro vacuum cleaner crackles down on allergens and bacteria in 3 ways. A high temperature of 60°C deeply penetrates bedding and mattresses to eliminate dust mites and germs. It also makes the bed pleasantly warm, which proves invaluable during cold, rainy days. In addition, the device heats up quickly – about 5 seconds is enough. What’s more, ultrasound effectively kills dust mites and prevents their multiplication, while UV light with a wavelength of 253nm removes allergens and bacteria with up to 99.99% efficiency.

Handles dirt with ease

What makes the BX7 Pro vacuum cleaner enable such effective cleaning? The device is equipped with a powerful yet energy-efficient motor, whose power reaches 700W. As a result, it eliminates dust quickly and effectively. You can also choose from 3 available modes – now you can easily adjust the vacuum cleaner’s performance to your needs. What’s more, the volume level of the BX7 Pro is only about 78dBA – don’t worry that the loud noise will wake up your child or disturb the rest of the household.

Thoughtful brush design

Experience how much difference a properly designed vacuum cleaner brush can make. The patented roller with an independent motor is made of soft bristles and rubber strips, so you can thoroughly clean your mattress without damaging its surface. In addition, the width of the brush opening is as wide as 245mm, which, combined with the vacuum cleaner’s 5-meter long cord for freedom of movement, allows you to vacuum the entire bed in just a few moments.

Effective filtration

Get rid of dust and other debris for a long time. The BX7 Pro vacuum cleaner uses patented dual cyclonic filtration technology, and is also equipped with an MFI filter that traps fine particles, dust and dust mites. It also has a special steel mesh that is responsible for blocking larger impurities such as hair, for example. In addition, the device’s transparent 0.5-liter dust tank can be easily removed, emptied and washed under running water.

Dust detection function

You no longer have to wonder if your home is clean enough. The BX7 Pro vacuum cleaner is equipped with a smart sensor that accurately detects dust and dust mites in the environment. Information about the level of dirtiness of the vacuumed surface will provide you with the device’s built-in LED display. Blue means it is clean, red-blue means it is dirty, and red means it is very dirty. With just a glance, you can be sure that you have successfully eliminated dust and dust mites!

In the box

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Power cable
  • MFI filter
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual
Brand Jimmy
Name Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner
Model BX7 Pro
Rated power 700W
Rated voltage 220-240V
Filter type MFI
Noise level 78dBA
Dust container capacity 0.5l
Cable length 5m
Dust sensor Yes
Heating up to 60°C Yes
Warm-up time About 5s
LED display Yes
UV sterilization Yes
Ultrasound Yes
Weight 2,7

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