Havit HV-F2069 hűtőbetét, 12-17″

8,500 Ft


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Havit HV-F2069 cooling stand

Take care of the effective cooling of your laptop. The Havit stand has 4 fans, which are distinguished by their quiet operation. You can also adjust their speed. You can connect it to the device of your choice via two USB ports. The HV-F2069 also contributes to the comfort of use – you can easily adjust its height to your needs. The stand has a blue LED backlight and is finished with a metal mesh. Fits laptops from 12-17″.

Prevents your laptop from overheating

During prolonged use, your laptop may overheat, which is why Havit has designed the HV-F2069 stand. The 4 fans effectively cool the device, while the metal mesh is responsible for heat dissipation. In addition, the stand works quietly, so its noise will not be a nuisance. Moreover, you can adjust the speed of fans with a convenient knob – LED backlight will be brighter at higher fan speed.

Thoughtful design

The stand has 2 USB ports, with which you can connect not only your laptop, but also a flash drive, mouse or keyboard. The product is made of ABS, so it is not only lightweight, but also durable. You can successfully take it on holiday or to the library.


The HV-F2069 is designed to provide you with the best possible comfort. The extra support prevents your laptop from slipping off the stand, and the non-slip finish is responsible for stability, so the stand won’t slide around on your desk. It also features feet, so you can set the right viewing angle while working, gaming or watching movies.

Brand Havit
Model HV-F2069
Material ABS + metal mesh
Compatibility laptops 12-17 ”
Ports 2x USB
Number of fans 4
Rated voltage 5V DC
Speed of fans 1200 +/- 120 rpm
Weight 1.39 kg

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