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Havit H2030S gaming headphones

Ensure a high level of immersion and enjoy excellent sound quality. The Havit H2030S gaming headphones feature 50-millimeter drivers and are extremely comfortable. The detachable microphone allows you to communicate freely with other players, and the 3.5mm connector allows you to connect the device not only to your computer, but also, for example, to the PlayStation 4 or XBOX console.

High-quality sound

Immerse yourself in the game and hear every detail perfectly. The 50mm magnetic drivers guarantee impressive sound quality and rich detail. The headphones also boast low distortion for clear, natural sound. Hear the footsteps of approaching enemies and don’t be taken by surprise – with Havit you’ll show your rivals who’s boss!

Ergonomic design

Enjoy the comfort of use, even during prolonged gaming. The headphones have been equipped with casing made of 3-mm aluminum alloy. This makes them extremely light, yet durable. They also do not exert unpleasant pressure. The soft earcups are made of pleasant-to-the-touch materials that fit snugly over your ears and isolate external sounds, so you can concentrate completely on the game.

Detachable microphone

If you’re a frequent online gamer, you’ll know that a lack of proper communication can effectively derail the plans of the entire team. Havit helps you avoid that! The H2030S headphones are equipped with a microphone that perfectly registers your voice. Thanks to its flexible design, you can easily adjust its position to suit your needs. Don’t need the microphone at the moment? You can simply detach it so that it does not disturb you.

Brand Havit
Model H2030S
Color Black
Driver 50mm
Impedance 24Ω
Sensitivity 116dB
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
Microphone 6×2.7mm
Microphone sensitivity -42dB
Cable length 1.7m
Connector 3.5mm

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