Havit GAMENOTE H2239D USB + 3,5 mm-es játékfejhallgató

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For hours of gameplay

H2239D headphones were created especially for players. They offer not only crystal clear sound, but also exceptional comfort. Thanks to the stylish red backlight they have been given a unique character.

Modern design

The headphones fit perfectly into any head shape. Red backlighting distinguishes the product. Matt finish emphasizes quality. The sound controller was placed on the back wall of the left speaker. Quick and precise volume control with one hand movement.

Adjustable and practical

The flexible microphone cable allows full freedom of placement. It easily adapts to any face shape. In case you don’t need to use the microphone, just slide it into the headphone casing, which will not be exposed to potential mechanical damage.

Comfortable to use even for hours

The headphones are made of cotton foam and covered with ecological protein leather, which ensures comfort, even during many hours of use. Apart from the fact that they are extremely comfortable, they present themselves exceptionally thanks to their matt finish.

Producent Havit
Model H2239D
Membrane diameter 40 mm
Headphones bandwith 20 ~ 20000 Hz
Headphones impedance 32 ± 15%?
Headphones sensivity 103 dB ± 3 dB
Build-in microphone Yes 4.0 x 1.5 mm
Microphone bandwith 30 ~ 16000 Hz
Microphone sensivity -43 dB ± 32 dB
Connectivity USB + 3.5
Wire length 2.0 m
Working current ? 35 mA
Additional informations

Flexible microphone

Red backlight

Metal protective net

Color Black
Warranty 12 months
Product code 018595

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