Gaming Wheel PXN-V10 (PC / PS3 / PS4 / XBOX ONE / SWITCH)

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PXN-V10 gaming steering wheel (PC / PS3 / PS4 / XBOX ONE / SWITCH)

Feel like you’re on a real racetrack and give yourself a thrill. The PXN-V10 gaming steering wheel guarantees an immersive, realistic experience and lets you choose from 2 rotation ranges – 270° and 900°. You will also find 3 pedals and a gearbox with a comfortable-to-use stick. The device is also distinguished by its wide compatibility and is very easy to use.

Wide compatibility

Say goodbye to limitations. The PXN-V10 steering wheel is compatible with a wide range of computers and gaming consoles such as Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One (first generation) and PlayStation 4. Moreover, the device is perfect for playing games such as Forza Horizon 5, Dirt Rally 2.0 or Euro Truck Simulator, for example.

Realistic experience

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a rally driver? With the PXN-V10 steering wheel you will feel as if you were really driving a race car! The device is equipped with a dual motor and supports Force Feedback technology, which makes it even more responsive to what’s happening on the screen. Immerse yourself in the gameplay and give yourself an unforgettable thrill!

With the app you can do more

Now you can even better adapt the steering wheel’s operation to your expectations and habits. All you have to do is install the dedicated PXN Wheel app! With its help, for example, you can adjust the device’s parameters, import settings and create your configurations optimized for specific games. All it takes is a few clicks on your smartphone!

2 ranges of rotation to choose from

The steering wheel allows you to choose from 2 rotation ranges – 270° and 900°. The first one is perfect for playing racing games – it will provide you with the desired speed and dynamism. The second guarantees a more realistic experience. It allows you to rotate the steering wheel 2.5 times, which is similar to a real car. It will be ideal, for example, when playing simulators. Now you’ll negotiate even the steepest turn with ease! To change the settings, just use a special switch.

Thoughtful design

In the set you will find 2 solid clamps, with the help of which you can stably fix the steering wheel to a table or desk. Don’t be afraid that it will move! What’s more, thanks to the dual paddles, the device imitates the solutions known from Formula 1 vehicles, so you can enjoy the game even more! It is also possible to simply remove the steering wheel. There are also 2 function buttons.

3 pedals and gearbox included

With the PXN-V10 you will feel like behind the wheel of a real car. The set includes 3 pedals that stand out for their high sensitivity and responsiveness, so you can enjoy a realistic braking or acceleration experience. You also get a convenient to use gearbox with 6 gears and a reverse gear. All this will provide you with even more immersion! It is also possible to adjust the pedal settings – you can easily adjust them to your habits.

In the box

  • Steering wheel
  • Panel with 3 pedals
  • Gearbox (6 + 1)
  • Mounting kit
  • Power adapter
  • Wiring
  • User manual
Brand PXN
Model PXN-V10
Connection Wired (USB)
Steering wheel turning range 270° / 900°
Operating voltage Motor: DC 24V;
USB: 5V;
Dimensions Steering wheel: approx. 270x280x249mm;
Pedal panel: approx. 410x340x220 mm;
Gearbox: approx. 180x105x200mm;
Weight Steering wheel: approx. 2.94kg;
Panel with pedals: approx. 3.18kg;
Gearbox: approx. 577g;
Compatibility Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 computers, PlayStation 4, Xbox One (first generation), Xbox Series X / S
Other Dedicated app, gearbox with 6 gears and reverse gear
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