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5,600 Ft


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Set of 5 nozzles for Liberex brand irrigator

Is it time to replace the nozzles for your irrigator? Or maybe you want other members of your family to benefit from this form of oral hygiene care as well? This practical kit from Liberex will surely come in handy! You will find 5 interchangeable tips – periodontic, orthodontic, plaque cleaning and 2 standard ones. The nozzles are transparent and fit Liberex FC2660S and FC2661 irrigators.

Complete oral hygiene

The set includes 4 types of irrigator tips. The 2 standard nozzles are perfect for everyday use, providing effective teeth cleaning. Do you use dental braces? The orthodontic nozzle will be perfect for you! The plaque nozzle is irreplaceable on crowns, bridges and implants. Struggling with gum disease? Try a periodontal handpiece that provides a gentle massage, improves circulation and relieves inflammation.

In the box

  • Standard nozzle x2
  • Periodontal nozzle x1
  • Orthodontic nozzle x1
  • Dental plaque nozzle x1
Brand Liberex
Color Transparent
Compatibility Liberex FC2660S and FC2661 water flossers

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