Delux DM11L vezeték nélküli mikrofon

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Delux DM11L Wireless Microphone

The Delux DM11L wireless microphone will give you great sound while recording. It uses a receiver with a Lightning port, so you can successfully use it in virtually any situation – without the hassle of tangled cabling. It collects sound in a full 360° range, effectively cutting out unnecessary noise thanks to a DSP processor. The powerful power supply allows up to 6 hours of operation, with the lightweight and compact design supporting the comfort of use.

High-quality sound

The microphone effectively picks sound in a 360° range, also featuring low latency. A special DSP chip produces clear, distortion-free sound. It also supports noise cancellation system, so you’ll get rid of annoying background noises.

No cumbersome cables

Want to get rid of cables that limit your freedom? Delux DM11L microphone is just for you! The device works in wireless mode – thanks to the use of a receiver that connects directly to your smartphone. What’s more, the transmission range of up to 20 m will allow you to effectively record sound in virtually any situation.

Efficient power supply

Create great recordings with high-quality sound without worrying about the microphone losing power quickly. The powerful battery provides up to 6 hours of use on a single charge. What’s more, you can also use the device while charging. Opt for functionality without sacrificing quality!

Thoughtful design

The lightweight and compact design of the microphone contributes to the high comfort of use. The device is equipped with a practical clip, which will allow you to easily fix the equipment in the optimal place. An additional wind shield prevents the registration of annoying noise.

Kit includes:

  • Microphone with transmitter
  • Lightning receiver
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual
  • Packaging
Manufacturer Delux
Model DM11L
Type Omnidirectional
Connection Wireless
Receiver input port Lightning
Operation time Approximately 6 hours
Charging port USB-C
Transmission range Up to 20 m
Noise reduction DSP
Dimensions 587 x 145 x 190 mm
Weight 2.5 g
Other Plug&play

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