DDPAI Z40 videórögzítő GPS 2.7K 1944p / 30fps WiFi

43,400 Ft


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DDPAI Z40 GPS DUAL Dash Camera

Are you looking for a reliable dash camera that will provide you with excellent image quality and safety? The DDPAI Z40 GPS video recorder will be the perfect choice! The device records videos in up to 1944p resolution and supports D2save technology, which allows you to save recordings to NAND flash memory in case of TF card failure. With 2 cameras, the product records your route from both the front and rear of the vehicle. The DDPAI app gives you convenient access to additional features, and a special parking mode will keep your car safe even 24 hours a day (you need to purchase a hardwire power adapter kit for this). Z40 also has a built-in GPS module.

Excellent image quality

The DDPAI Z40 GPS video recorder will surprise you with excellent image quality. The device is equipped with a SONY IMX335 sensor, so it can record rich in detail 2592x1944p 5MP videos with high sharpness – even in difficult lighting conditions. What’s more, state-of-the-art Realcube imaging technology and advanced algorithms deliver even more detail, greater brightness and vivid, natural colors.

Front and rear recording

Z40 GPS DUAL offers 2 cameras, allowing you to record from the front and rear of your vehicle simultaneously. The front camera provides crystal clear, detail-rich HD video in 1944p, 1600p or 1080p resolution. The rear camera can rotate 360° and is very easy to install. You can mount it on the front or rear of your car – the choice is yours! The resulting footage can be useful if, for example, someone crashes into your vehicle or you have a minor collision while parking – it will help you determine the guilty party and get possible compensation.

More storage options for your recordings

Be confident that your recorded footage will be saved regardless of the situation. This becomes possible through the use of D2save technology. How it works? If the TF card fails, your recordings can be stored in additional NAND flash memory. Then, as soon as the possibility arises, they will be transferred back to the TF card. So you don’t have to worry about losing your most important footage! The device supports TF cards up to 128GB and allows loop recording.

High-quality capacitor – greater safety of use

Instead of an ordinary battery, the DDPAI Z40 GPS camcorder has a built-in high-quality capacitor, which provides greater safety of use. It also makes the video recorder can work even in temperatures from -20°C to 70°C. That’s not all! The capacitor allows you to record for the last 3-4 seconds, even when the camera is turned off. This way you can be sure that you will not miss anything important!

Stunning design

The Z40 GPS camera impresses not only with its functionality, but also with its improved design. Shiny casing and rounded corners give it an elegant and modern character. The videorecorder is so small that you can easily place it by the windshield of your car – it will not obstruct your view! What is more, the device is equipped with a 2-inch bright and clear IPS display, which supports video playback and allows you to review the most important functions.

Built-in GPS module

Gain convenient access to a wealth of useful information as you travel. The Z40 GPS video recorder has a built-in GPS module that accurately collects data such as vehicle speed, route, location and driving time. Now you can quickly and conveniently check the distance traveled and more! You can also find out, for example, how many sudden brakes or sudden turns you’ve had to make during your entire trip. With DDPAI, you’ll get a better idea of your driving style!

Sense Reality 2.0 effect – take your driving experience to a new level

Create breathtaking travel footage and feel like a professional rally driver. The DDPAI Z40 GPS video recorder offers a special SR (Sense Reality) effect that, combined with the built-in GPS module, accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, will take your driving experience to a whole new level. Your next car ride doesn’t have to be boring at all – find out how much excitement it can give you!

See what the DDPAI app offers

Conveniently edit your recordings and share them with others. Just install the free DDPAI app! You’ll find a user-friendly video editor that makes it easy to edit your videos with special effects, filters, and music. You can also watch your friends’ videos and exchange comments. What’s more, built-in Wi-Fi lets you download and watch your videos almost anytime. Note: live preview is only available on models not exceeding iPhone 12 PRO MAX due to lack of updates.

Keep your vehicle safe

The video recorder supports parking mode, which will allow you to keep your car safe even 24 hours a day. When the vehicle is parked, the camera records in timelapse mode to then playback the video at the usual frame rate. The device also makes voice announcements. If there is a risk of collision while parking, the Z40 GPS will alert you immediately! To use the parking mode, purchase the IPS smart power adapter (hardwire kit), which constantly charges the camera, allows uninterrupted monitoring and protects your vehicle’s battery from running out.

Reliable emergency recording

Be assured that when an accident happens, you will always have access to key recordings. If there is a violent shock or sudden impact, the device’s built-in accelerometer will be activated and the camera will automatically record a 10-second video and save it to a separate folder. You may need this footage when you apply for insurance money, for example. You don’t have to worry that the most important parts of your recordings will be accidentally overwritten anymore!

In the box

  • Z40 Dash Camera
  • Bracket
  • Car Charger
  • Power Cable
  • Z40 Camera User Manual
  • Installation Tool
  • 3M adhesive
  • Electrostatic stickers
  • RC1 Camera (rear)
  • Power Cable
  • RC1 User Manual
Model Z40
Color Black
Dimensions Front camera: 81x61x33mm;
Rear camera: 54x39x29mm;
Input 5V / 2A
Processor SigmaStar 8629Q
Lens Front: 6 optical lenses and 1 IR, field of view 140°, aperture F1.8;
Rear: 5 optical lenses, field of view 125°, aperture F2.0;
Sensor Sony IMX335
G-Sensor Built-in 3-axis gyroscope, built-in GPS
Storage Compatible with TF cards up to 128GB, loop recording supported
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi / 2.4GHz
Resolution Front: 2592x1944p;
Rear: 1920x1080p;

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