DDPAI Mini 3 videórögzítő 32GB UHD 2k / 30fps WIFI

36,500 Ft


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DDPAI Mini 3 dash camera

The DDPAI Mini 3 dash camera records video in 1600p resolution and can record from multiple perspectives thanks to its rotatable design. Built-in Wi-Fi provides a fast and reliable connection, and eMMC5.1 memory ensures fast data saving and reading. The included remote button allows you to operate the device wirelessly, and the dedicated DDPAI app allows you to conveniently preview recorded footage, edit it and share it. In the package you will also find a practical car charger.

Fantastic image quality

WDR technology, the ability to shoot 2688×1944 HD video and 1600p photos, a large F1.8 aperture, and as many as 5 million pixels all combine to give the DDPAI Mini 3 a superb image quality that will impress you with sharpness, rich detail, and vibrant colors – in both bright and dark lighting. What’s more, the 16:9 display format is more natural and pleasing to the eye. The OV05A10 sensor and the Cortex A17 + Cortex A7 2-core processor from HiSilicon are responsible for such great camera capabilities, among others.

Secure storage of recorded material

Say goodbye to TF card compatibility issues or lack of storage space. Thanks to innovative technological solutions they will remain only an unpleasant memory. The eMMC5.1 memory is built directly into the device, ensuring faster and safer performance. It allows you to save and read data up to 5500 times at a speed of up to 100MB/s. So you can be sure not to lose an important recording when you least expect it.

Additional features – reliable performance

The DDPAI Mini 3 recorder will never let you down! The device has been equipped with an advanced gravity sensor, which enables automatic protection of the recording – for example, from an accident. So you are not in danger of losing your most important footage. There is also a 24-hour parking monitoring function. In this mode, the camera can record anyone who tries to damage your car. Note: to use the 24-hour parking monitoring, an additional hardwire kit is required, which must be purchased separately.

Wireless button – remote camera operation

This is not the end of your possibilities! In the box you will find a third generation remote button, with which you can wirelessly operate the camera and capture anything that catches your attention. Using this ability, you can instantly take a photo or record a video of about 10 seconds in length. Did something important happen on the road? Or did you catch a stunning view on your journey? With DDPAI, you’ll never miss an opportunity to capture an interesting moment again!

Award-winning design

What sets the DDPAI Mini 3 apart is its modern, German Red Dot and iF award-winning, carefully considered design. This small, elegant camera will perfectly complement the interior of your car. It is rotatable 360 ° – allows you to record what is happening both on the road and inside the vehicle. And there’s nothing to stop you from taking a fantastic selfie while you’re on the road!

Practical app and seamless Wi-Fi connection

Take advantage of the power of the DDPAI app. Change camera settings, playback and edit recorded footage, then save it to your phone or share it on social media. The DVR’s built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect to your smartphone quickly, securely and for free. Why choose it? By saving recordings to your phone’s memory, you not only get convenient access to them in any situation, but also avoid losing them, even if you are out of range. Note: live preview is only available on models not surpassing the iPhone 12 PRO MAX due to lack of updates.

In the box

  • Dash camera Mini 3
  • Bracket
  • Remote snapshot
  • USB car charger
  • Power cable 3.5m
  • Installation tool
  • Remote snapsoht 3M adhesive
  • Bracket 3M adhesive
  • User manual
Model Mini 3
Image sensor CMOS 5MP
Codec H.264
Camera resolution 1600p, 30FPS
Lens 6-layers, glass, infrared filter, 140° wide angle, F1.8 aperture
Wi-Fi Module 2.4GHz
Memory Built-in eMMC memory, loop recording
Video output Wireless
Compatibility Android, iOS
Video resolution 2688×1944
Picture resolution 1600p
RAM memory 1GB

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