Cserélhető hegyek a tollhoz Baseus Stylus Apple ceruza 1 és 2 (2db)

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Replacement tips for Baseus Stylus Apple pencil 1 & amp; 2 (2pcs)

If you’re an Apple Pencil owner and you’ve noticed that a stylus could use replacement tips, you’ve come to the right place. The product of this model is compatible with this particular device. It is made of high-quality silicone, which produces almost no sounds during use, so you will be able to enjoy the silence. In addition, the tips ensure precision and is very comfortable to use.


The product makes the use of the Apple Pencil even easier. These interchangeable tips improve typing accuracy. When working with it, it is kept quiet as using it produces virtually no sound. This is due to the high-quality silicone used in their production.


If the Apple Pencil is already heavily worn out, it’s okay, the replaceable tips of this model will fit it. They will allow you to continue using the device. So if you are an Apple Pencil owner, this product may be useful to you.


The replaceable stylus tips are very easy to use. To start working with the product, simply put the product on the Apple Pencil and it’s ready. It’s just as easy to download. Just squeeze the replaceable tip properly and take it off.

Brand Baseus
Model SXBC010002
Material Silikon
Compatibility Apple Pencil

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