BlitzWolf BW-SL0 Pro gyűrűfény, LED

5,800 Ft


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Clip-on Ring Fill Light

The lamp has 3 brightness levels: warm, white and transitional between warm and cold. The color temperature reaches 3500-6500k. To change the color of the light, just press the button. On the other hand, if you want to decrease or increase the brightness of the light, hold the button for a little longer. In addition, the lamp has an SOS mode, which you can activate by pressing the button twice. With BW-SL0 Pro, you don’t have to worry about the poor lighting when taking pictures.

 Additional illumination

With 40 LED bulbs, the light provides additional or side illumination when taking photos in settings where light is insufficient. It also helps you get better quality photos or videos when natural light is not available.

 Ergonomic design

The lamp has a compact size, so you can take it anywhere, to a party, concert or camping. It is convenient to use, you can easily attach it, for example, to your phone. You can also use it as a flashlight or emergency light. The product is equipped with a non-slip and scratch-resistant sponge, which effectively prevents it from falling out and protects your phone from scratches. The lamp also works without connection with other devices.

Brand Blitzwolf
Model BW-SL0 Pro
Product size 90 x 90 x 20mm
Weight 60g
Power voltage 1W
Colour temperature 3500 – 6500K
Luminous flux 800lm
Interface USB
Battery capacity 600mAh
Charging time 3h

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