Blitzwolf BW-MP1 egérpad, RGB (fekete)

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Gaming mouse pad

The RGB light-illuminated gaming mouse pad will take your gaming experience to an even higher level! It features 10 light modes, a non-slip pad, is smooth and splash resistant. The large surface also allows you to place your keyboard on it, and it is only 5mm thick, so it does not stand out from the ground.

Customize the backlight as needed

Adjust the backlight of the mousepad as needed and enjoy an even better gaming experience. The backlight can be static, gently wave, or blink hard and fast. This allows you to adjust it perfectly to your game.

Ultra smooth surface

With the smooth surface and special micro-grid of the mousepad, you can precisely control every movement of your mouse and thus have an even greater advantage over your opponent. The rubber finish prevents the mouse pad from moving on the surface.

Large area

The large surface of the mouse pad allows you to place not only the mouse but also the keyboard on it, which significantly increases the comfort of use during gaming.

Brand BlitzWolf
Model BW-MP1
Cable length 1,8 m
Size 80 x 40 x 0.5 cm
Port Micro USB
Rated power 5V

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