Bateria Green Cell HS04 do HP 250 G4 G5 255 G4 G5, HP 15-AC012NW 15-AC013NW 15-AC033NW 15-AC034NW 15-AC153NW 15-AF169NW

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Green Cell HS04 battery for HP 250 G4 G5 255 G4 G5, HP 15-AC012NW 15-AC013NW 15-AC033NW 15-AC034NW 15-AC153NW 15-AF169NW

Give your laptop a new lease of life with Green Cell batteries. The use of top-quality components and a perfect fit, will restore the mobility of your laptop. You can easily fit it in your device and be assured of full compatibility with your notebook’s electronics and software. In order to achieve the highest possible performance and durability, the battery uses high-quality Green Cell lithium-ion cells, state-of-the-art control electronics and a housing made of durable ABS plastic. The entire unit is precisely manufactured and thoroughly tested.


High-quality lithium-ion cells from Green Cell

Green Cell Li-Ion cells are proven rechargeable batteries with high, real capacity, high durability and no memory effect. They are the heart of the battery and ensure a long service life. Their use translates into a high capacity of 2200mAh – 20% more than other batteries with unbranded, low-quality cells.


Long runtime

Depending on the configuration of the laptop and the operating mode, the battery can last from 1.5 to 7.5h. The cells can withstand up to 1,000 charge cycles, which translates into 2-3 years of trouble-free operation. Their capacity decreases very slowly and after 300 charging cycles (approx. 1 year of operation) they still retain more than 80% of their capacity


Modern control electronics

Thanks to it, the battery communicates with the laptop providing information about the state of charge, remaining operating time or time to full charge. Most models use electronics from the renowned Texas Instruments company also used in the original batteries. This ensures a 100% match with the electronics and drivers of the computer – the battery communicates with the laptop exactly like the original battery. The battery also features advanced protection against over-discharge, over-discharge and thermal protection to ensure proper and safe operation.


Precision craftsmanship

Top-quality materials and an accurately reproduced shape ensure that the battery fits perfectly into the laptop chassis and is easy to install, keeping its sensitive cells and electronics safe.


Replace the battery, not the entire hardware!

A new battery is a better and more economical alternative than changing your computer. Not only will you save money, but you will also take care of the environment. Your favourite laptop will get a new life and we will take care of the recycling. We collect used batteries in each of our shops and finance activities to promote and support the recovery and recycling of batteries.


Manufacturer Green Cell
Model HP88
Capacity 2200 mAh
Voltage 14.6V
Number of cells 4
Cell type Li-Ion
Cell manufacturer Green Cell
Condition Brand new
Series Standard
Operating time 1.5 to 7.5 hours
Deep discharge protection Yes
Overcharge protection Yes
Colour Black


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