Baseus Tempered Glass Anti-blue 0.3mm iPhone 13 Pro Max készülékhez (2db)

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Baseus SGBL020502 Tempered Glass for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Take care to protect the screen of your iPhone 13 Pro Max. The durable Baseus brand tempered glass with blue light filter will effectively protect your display from scratches and more. It perfectly adheres to the phone and is transparent enough not to hinder its operation. The set includes 2 tempered glasses and a tool to facilitate their installation.

Comfortably use your phone

The tempered glass fits your phone perfectly, and thanks to its excellent transparency, it does not affect the comfort of use. You can still enjoy great quality 4K HD picture and perfect color reproduction. The accessory also provides a fast and smooth response to touch. It does not interfere with the face recognition function. The lack of a frame means that the glass does not cover any part of the display.

Extremely durable

Now you can carry your phone in your purse or in your pocket with your keys without worry. It will also not be afraid of falls or bumps. Baseus tempered glass is extremely durable and resistant to scratches. Thanks to this it reliably protects your smartphone screen from damage.


Mounting the tempered glass is incredibly easy and fast. The included installation tool will make this task easier for you. Forget about annoying air bubbles that are hard to remove! The accessory also offers a blue light filter to protect your eyes.

Brand Baseus
Model SGBL020502
Thickness 0.3mm
Compatibility iPhone 13 Pro Max
Number of pieces in set 2

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