Baseus Superior Series 3 az 1-ben USB-kábel, USB-mikro-USB / USB-C / Lightning, 3,5 A, 1,2 m (fehér)

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Baseus CAMLTYS-02 3-in-1 fast charging cable

Baseus CAMLTYS-02 cable allows you to charge your phone fast. It also allows you to transfer files at speeds up to 480MB/s. Durable and resistant to damage – it will serve you perfectly for a long time. In the set you will also find a practical strap, which makes it easier to store the cable and prevents it from tangling. As many as 3 connectors – micro USB, USB-C and lightning, ensure wide compatibility of the product and allow you to charge several devices at the same time.

3 different connectors – lots of uses

This practical cable can be used exactly the way you want. As many as 3 different plugs fit multiple devices, which you can also power simultaneously. The lightning connector allows you to charge your iPhone. And it lets you transfer files quickly. The USB-C plug is compatible with Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei smartphones, among others. The micro USB connector fits older Android phones and small home devices such as lamps or desk fans, for example.

It will charge your phone in no time

The product supports fast charging up to 3.5A. The single connector, on the other hand, provides 2A. This means that the cable can charge your smartphone in no time, allowing you to save time! No longer do you have to wait endlessly for your phone to be ready for use again – with Baseus it only takes a few moments.

Copy your files in no time

This practical cable not only provides fast charging – it also allows you to transfer files in no time using the lightning connector. With a transfer speed of up to 480MB/s, you are sure to meet your expectations. A 1GB movie can be copied in just 24 seconds! With the cable you can charge your phone and transfer data at the same time.

Sturdy, durable construction

The cable consists of 4 strands of reinforced, tin-plated copper. It is protected by a sheath made of durable ABS plastic. This makes the cable resistant to bending, breaking or tearing. What’s more, the most vulnerable place, which is the connection between the cable and the connector, is additionally protected with a TPE shield. The product will surprise you with its reliable operation.

Brand Baseus
Name Superior Series Fast Charging Data Cable
Model CAMLTYS-02
Material ABS + TPE
Current 3.5A (Max.), 2A per connector
Transmission Rate iP/480MB/s
Input USB
Output Micro USB + Lightning + USB-C
Length 1.5m

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