Baseus Refreshing asztali oszcilláló ventilátor monitortartóval (fekete)

14,400 Ft


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Baseus Refreshing desk fan with monitor mount

Take care of work comfort in hot days. Baseus fan is a practical device which will attach to your monitor or put on your desk. It generates a gentle blast, the speed of which you can adjust to your own needs with a convenient knob. You can also adjust its position at an angle of 60°C.

Cooling down on hot days

Baseus desk fan will be a great solution during hot days. Standard fans, by their round design provide cool air in a smaller area with a diameter of 10 cm. While the width of Baseus device is 30 cm, so it generates a blast over a larger area. In addition, the design of the fan does not use blades, imitating the gentle gusts of wind. Thanks to this, you can safely use it without worrying about headaches.

Various applications

Baseus fan will prove itself in various situations. You can successfully attach it to a computer monitor or place it on a desk using the included stand. Enjoy the possibilities Baseus offers.

Adjust its operation to your own needs

The fan allows you to set modes of operation with a convenient knob. Choose between 3 wind speeds and ensure pleasant cooling on hot days. What’s more, you can adjust the fan’s angle of 60°.


You can attach the Baseus fan to various types of monitors whose thickness does not exceed 3 cm. The device is compatible with both standard and curved computer screens. You can also attach it to your laptop.

Well-thought-out design

The fan is distinguished by modern and minimalist design, thanks to which it will not be conspicuous. The gravitational hinge ensures that the fan is firmly attached to the monitor, and the included stand makes it possible to place the fan in the desired position.


  • fan
  • stand
  • USB power cable
Brand Baseus
Model ACQS000001
Power 5W
Voltage 5V
Power source USB
Noise level ≤ 42dB 
Material ABS+PC
Weight 550g
Dimensions approx. 120 x 76 x 360mm
Color Black

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