Baseus Rain Wing ablaktörlő karbantartó (ezüst)

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Extend the life of your wipers

The handy Baseus knife will help you renovate your used wipers. Simply dismantle it, pull the blade over the rubber, rinse the wipers with water to get rid of any residue, and attach them back. With the Baseus knife, you can use the wipers up to 3 times longer.


The knife is designed so that it is small and you can easily hide it in your car. It is made of metal, which makes it more durable than competitive plastic knives. With two parallel slats, it allows you to evenly sand the wipers, so the rubber will collect water evenly.

Safe to use

The device is compact and comfortable to use. The rounded edges make sure that even under high pressure, the knife body does not get into the hand, while a small gap in the blade prevents injury.

Producent Baseus
Name Rain Wing wiper repairer
Product code CRXFQ-0S
Color Silver
Material Aluminum alloy
Dimensions 65 x 38 x 13mm
Weight 40g

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