Baseus Lite Series USB–RJ45 hálózati adapter, 1000 Mbps (szürke)

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Baseus Lite Series USB to RJ45 network adapter

If your laptop does not have Rj45 port Baseus adapter will certainly come in handy. The device provides a stable signal without delay, and thanks to plug & play you can easily connect it to your hardware. It is also distinguished by wide compatibility and solid construction.

Stable signal

Problems with your Internet connection? Now it is a thing of the past. The Baseus adapter ensures stable signal transmission and quick connection. A special chip is responsible for reliable work of WKQX000113. The adapter may also be an alternative for a damaged LAN port. Enjoy the possibilities offered by Baseus.

Wide compatibility

Thanks to plug & play, preparing the adapter for work will not cause you any problems. All you have to do is to connect it to the device of your choice. WKQX000113 works with such systems as Windows, Linux or macOS. You can connect it to your computer, laptop, tablet and MiBox.

Durable design

Baseus adapter is distinguished by a solid design, thanks to which the device will serve you for a long time. Aluminum alloy finish is responsible for good heat dissipation and stable product operation. 20 cm braided cable is durable and lightweight and compact design makes it easy to store and transport. Additionally, the light indicator will inform you about the status of the device.

Brand Baseus
Model WKQX000113
Input USB-A/Type-C
Transmission speed 1000 Mbps
Working voltage 5V
Working current <150mA
Working Temperature 0℃-55℃
Compatible systems Windows, Apple OS, Linux, Vista etc.

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