Baseus Flash Series 2, 3 az 1-ben USB kábel, USB-C / Micro USB / Lightning, 100W, 1.2m (kék)

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Baseus Flash Series 2 3-in-1 USB Cable, USB-C + micro USB + Lightning, 100W, 1.2m.

The Baseus cable is equipped with 3 output ports and a dual input port, so you can charge 3 devices simultaneously and save time. It also supports 100W fast charging. It stands out for its wide compatibility and solid workmanship.

Convenient charging

Don’t waste time charging your devices! The Baseus cable has 3 output ports: Lightning, USB-C and Micro USB, so you can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. Besides, the dual USB and USB-C input port allows you to connect the cable to different devices.

Quickly renew the power of your devices

The cable supports 20W and 18W Power Delivery fast charging protocols, allowing you to charge your equipment in no time. You can charge your 2019 MacBook in as little as 2 h, and your iPhone 13 Pro Max to 60% in 30 min. It’s also compatible with devices from Huawei, Xiomi, Samsung, etc. Thanks to Power Split technology, power is evenly delivered to each device, guaranteeing safe charging.

Thoughtful design

The product is equipped with an indicator, which in orange indicates fast charging and in blue indicates standard charging. So you can quickly check the charging status. Solid workmanship and overheat protection ensure safe charging. In addition, the nylon braid and reinforced tip protect the cable from damage.

Wide compatibility

Are you worried that the Baseus cable will not be compatible with your equipment? Don’t be! The product will help you charge your laptop, tablet, smartphone or gaming console. Enjoy the freedom of use that Baseus offers.

Manufacturer Baseus
Model CASS030103
Material aluminum alloy, nylon
Intensity USB-C/100W; iP/20W; Micro USB/2A (QC 18W), Micro USB+iP+USB-C (5V 3.5A)
Input ports USB, USB-C
Output ports Micro USB, iP, USB-C
Cable length 1.2 m
Color blue
Weight approximately 76 g

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