Baseus Easy Control Clamp autós tartó rácshoz / műszerfalhoz (ezüst)

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Baseus Easy Control Pro 2in1 car holder

Do you like having a choice? Use the Baseus Easy Control Pro car holder. You can mount it on the ventilation grille with a clip or attach it to the dashboard using the suction cup. The practical clamp allows you to use the handle with one hand, so you do not get distracted while driving. The handle can rotate around 360 degrees, so you can position it both vertically and horizontally. It is compatible with 4.7 – 6.7 inch smartphones.

Tailored to your preferences

The handle has been designed in such a way that each user can adjust it to their needs. So you can mount it on the air vent or the dashboard. That’s not all – mounted on the cockpit, it allows for height adjustment, so it will work well in a family car that is used by several people.


The Baseus Easy Control Pro car holder can be operated with one hand, so the driver is not distracted while driving. The triangular design ensures stability and a fixed position of the smartphone, even on a bumpy road. To take the phone out, just press the button on the back of the holder.

Solid workmanship

The silicone pads of the holder prevent damage to the phone, and the suction cup and the clip used for mounting do not leave marks or scratch the car’s parts. The cable cutout allows for convenient charging while traveling.



Brand Baseus
Name Baseus Easy Control Pro 2in1 car holder
Model SUYK010012
Material PC + ABS
Color Silver
Installation place Ventilation grille / dashboard
Compatible smartphones 4.7 – 6.7 inches

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