Baseus Bright Mirror 2, 3 az 1-ben Mikro USB / Lightning / USB-C kábel, 3.5 A, 1.1 m (lila)

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Baseus Bright Mirror 2 3-in-1 USB cable

This practical cable from Baseus allows fast and safe charging of 3.5 A and data transmission on Lightning connector at 480 Mbps. With its help you will charge devices from different manufacturers, because the cable offers as many as 3 outputs: micro USB, Lightning and USB-C. Charging three devices at the same time will save you time, in addition, thanks to the retractable design you can adjust the length of the cable to your needs.

For multiple devices

One cable for many different devices? It’s possible! Baseus Bright Mirror 2 is equipped with three outputs, allowing you to quickly and safely renew the energy of various devices. The Lightning connector will be suitable for charging iPhones, the USB-C output will allow you to charge smartphones from brands such as Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi or Samsung, for example, and the micro USB connector will prove useful for renewing the energy of powerbanks, small fans and other devices.


The cable’s retractable design allows you to adjust the length to your individual needs – just pull the cable and stop at the optimal length for you (maximum 1.1 m). The round case is lightweight and handy, making it great for transport. A modern design and several color variants are also a plus – you’re sure to find something to your liking.

Even more possibilities

The cable allows not only fast power renewal, but also allows you to transfer data – on the Lightning connector the transmission speed is 480 Mbps. This will allow you to transfer your vacation photos, necessary documents or favorite music at express speed. The cable is made of high-quality TPE material, and the flat design increases resistance to wear and extreme temperatures.

Manufacturer Baseus
Name USB 3-in-1 cable Baseus Bright Mirror 2
Model CAMJ010005
Material Aluminum alloy + TPE
Transmission speed (Lightning connector) 480 MB/s
Length Up to 1.1 m
Input USB
Output Micro USB + Lightning + USB-C
Color Purple

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