AppleWatch szervező/töltő tartó (fekete)

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Organizer for the Apple Watch charger

Now you can easily take your Apple Watch charger with you, anywhere. All you have to do is roll up the cable into a portable organizer. Put it in your backpack, purse or jacket. Designed so that it does not disturb or take up much space. It is thin, small and has an aesthetic design.

Organizer designed for Apple Watch

The charger can be fully charged in a 6 mm thick case. This is completely safe because the temperature does not rise during charging. It has an adapter with a power of 24 W which guarantees efficiency.

It will hold up to two meters of cable

You don’t have to bother with wearing a long cable, just hide it to the organizer, it will still be in place and won’t take up much space.

Designed for charging

If you have an adapter for wireless charging, use it in the organizer. Forget about constantly inserting and removing the adapter, just put your watch in the right place to recharge it. Easy and efficient.

Charging comfort

There is no need to undo the watch. If you put the watch on, it will recharge too. The circular organizer is so creatively designed that you can recharge your watch the way you want it to, unfolded or fastened.

Simple Manual

Lift the circular pin up.

Manufacturer Baseus
Model Planet Cable Winder for IW Watch
Product code ACSLH-01
Material PC+TPU
Color Black
Compatibility Apple Watch 1-5 series with standard adapter
Weight 32,6 g

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