ANLAN 01-ACPJ13-03A Kavitációs peeling fényterápiával (kék)

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Cavitation Peeling with ionisation and light therapy ANLAN 01-ACPJ13-03A (blue)

Want your skin to be deeply cleansed and radiate a healthy glow? Try the ANLAN 01-ACPJ13-02A Cavitation peeling with light therapy. The device deeply cleanses pores and gives your skin a glow. It uses blue and red light therapy, ionisation, exfoliates the skin and uses ultrasonic skin cleansing. Its operation is simple and convenient, and it is IPX5 waterproof, allowing you to use it even in the shower.

Color therapy

The product offers light therapy using red and blue colors. Red light stimulates cells, stimulates collagen, promotes cellular metabolism, thereby increasing skin elasticity, improves skin hydration to achieve a healthy glow. Blue light is responsible for stimulating porphyrin. It effectively helps fight acne and has an antibacterial effect.

Ultrasonic skin cleansing

Ultrasonic cleansing at 28,000 Hz, combined with blue color therapy, makes Cavitation peeling truly effective. It penetrates the dermis, tightens pores and gives the skin a youthful appearance. At the same time, it is safe and non-irritating. It benefits from the absorption of positive ions, which penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, thoroughly cleansing it.

Moisturize and nourish the skin

01-ACPJ13-02A benefits from the absorption of negative ions, which combine with red light to provide nourishment to the skin. By penetrating the deeper layers of the skin, it nurtures the skin from the inside – thus achieving a remarkable effect of extraordinary hydration.

Microcurrent skin lifting

The EMS lift increases skin elasticity, stimulates collagen production and lifts and contours the complexion, thus removing wrinkles. Enjoy a nourished and smoother complexion for longer!


The device features IPX5 water resistance. So you can safely use it while taking a bath, which will additionally help open your pores and make the whole process even more thorough. The equipment has built-in timing and works extremely quietly. Say goodbye to the old painful and expensive methods!

Convenience of use

Usage is extremely simple. Before proceeding, wash and dry your face thoroughly, then use the ultrasonic cleanser for 2-3 minutes. When you are done, apply your favorite moisturizer, switch to negative ions, which will help you deeply moisturize your skin. Close the entire treatment with a lifting massage, which contours the complexion and helps fight wrinkles.


  • Cavitation peeling
  • Protective case
  • Instruction manual
  • USB cable
  • Silicone cover
brand Anlan
Model 01-ACPJ13-03A
Material ABS
Water resistance IPX5
Ultrasonic frequency 28 KHz
Dimensions 174 x 44 x 19 mm
Weight Approximately 88 g
Modes 4
Color therapy Red, Blue
Battery capacity 500 mAh
Charging time about 3 h

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