AirPop Pocket szmogellenes maszk 4 db fekete

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Face Mask AirPOP Pocket 4pcs (Black)

To give you the best possible protection, we’ve reinvented the entire filtration. We designed the mask from the ground up, focusing on efficiency, comfort and ease of breathing. What we have achieved is a breath of fresh air.


Four-layer protection

The two-layer electrostatic melt-blown nonwoven filters feature high filtration efficiency and protect against even the finest contaminants. The pre-filter layer is sandwiched between two protective top layers, so it effectively traps harmful particles found in the air. The filter blocks >98% <PM0.3, including dust, bacteria and viruses. It is effective for up to 40 hours of use. So by choosing an AirPop mask, you can enjoy effective protection for a long time.


Fitted Cut

Every face is different. That’s why our Ergo Foam has a special shape that fills in the hard-to-seal area around the back of the nose. The pocket mask can open wide, and provides better coverage for the cheeks and chin thanks to its folding wings. AirPop will fit your face perfectly – it’s a mask designed specifically for you.


Special case

The AirPop Pocket mask fits perfectly in a sleek and slim case (sold separately). Simply fold the mask along the dotted line and place it in the case for unparalleled mobility. Safely store your mask and carry it wherever you want – it’s easier than you think!



Manufacturer AirPop
Product code 43346
Number of layers 4
Color Black
Certifications CE, FDA
Standard EN ISO 10993-5: 2009-10
Material Polypropylene
Filtration level >98%
Usage Multi-use
Class KN95
Performance standard GB2626-2006
Dimensions 14 x 15 x 15 cm
Weight 12g

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