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The 2-in-1 stylus/pen

The product was created for digital drawing and writing enthusiasts. With BW-SP1, you can quickly draw precise lines, and the smooth stylus will not scratch your tablet screen. The pen is equipped with a magnet, thanks to which it can be attached to the tablet. This solution prevents it from being lost and allows you to quickly locate it.


Palm rejection technology

With palm rejection technology, you can freely rest your hand on the tablet while drawing or typing without worrying about accidentally exiting applications, etc.


Pixel precision

2mm tip is durable and will not scratch your tablet screen. It draws precise lines without interruption. Quick response to movement is another advantage of this product. The BW-SP1 tip is sensitive and causes no delay. This makes drawing and writing even more convenient.


Strong battery

BW-SP1 features a durable battery and fast charging. The battery capacity is 110mAh. Thanks to this, the working time of the device is up to 12 hours with charging taking only an hour. The pen remains in standby mode for a year and turns off automatically after 5 minutes to save power.



BW-SP1 features wide compatibility. You can use the pen with iPad 7 / 6 / mini 5 / pro 4 / 4 / pro 3 / 3 or capacitive screen.


The BW-SP1 tip is made of plastic so it will not scratch your tablet screen. In addition, the set includes 2 spare tips. The LED indicator informs you about the capacitive screen or iPad mode and charging process. You will charge the product using the USB-C cable. To turn on the pen, touch the top of the product. Moreover, the BW-SP1 is small, its height is only 165.5 mm.






Manufacturer BlitzWolf
Model BW-SP1
Material (tip) plastic
Height 165.5 mm
Diameter 9 mm
Battery lithium-polymer
Battery capacity 110mAh
Charging time about an hour
Working time 12 hours
Weight 13.5 g
Charging port USB-C
Standby time year
Automatic shutdown after 5 min of non-use
Compatibility iPad 7 / 6 / mini 5 / pro 4 / 4 / pro 3 / 3 / , capacitive screen


Packing list


2-in-1 ballpoint pen/ stylus BW-SP1
Anti-friction gloves
Replacement pen tips



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